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  Common Questions

Do you require a special boaters license to operate the BOATS?
No. In order to rent the boats, you must be at least 18 years of age or older but in order to OPERATE the boats, you must be 21 years of age or older and have some form of photo I.D. No special boaters license or test is required for the boat rentals.

Do you require a special boaters license to operate the WAVERUNNERS?
Anyone born AFTER January 1st, 1988 must pass a Florida approved safe boaters course in order to OPERATE the waverunners which we have here on site. The test is 25 questions, multiple choice, and takes approx. 15 minutes to complete. Cost for the test is $3.00 and valid for one full year throughout the entire State of Florida. A photo I.D. is also required. Passengers do not need to take a test as long as they do NOT OPERATE the waverunner. Anyone born BEFORE January 1st, 1988 are exempt from this state requirement.

Do the boat rentals include fuel in the price?
Fuel is an additional cost for the boat rentals. The boats go out with a full tank of gas when you leave the dock and you only pay for the fuel you burn through during your rental. Generally, you will burn 2 (two) to 4 (four) gallons of gas per hour depending on how fast and how hard you drive the boat and how many passengers you have on board.

Do the Waverunner rentals include fuel in the price?
Yes, fuel is included in the cost if you rent a waverunner from us.

What can we expect to see if we rent a boat and what are the boundaries you offer?
We give you one of the largest ranges of all the boat rentals in the area that you can go and explore as we allow you to go approx. 26 miles up and down the intercoastal waterways. Our north boundary is Clearwater Pass (Approx. 1.5 hours north of us by boat), and our south boundary is Shell Island (approx. 45-50 min. south of us by boat) with many scenic areas in between. Our south boundary is our most popular destination as Shell Island was rated Best Beach in America by Travel Channel. Only way to get there is by boat, so you can pull up, walk up and down the beach, collect sand dollars, sharks teeth, sea horses, and of course, Shells at Shell Island. Very beautiful destination. There are also many restaurants you can pull into along the way to get some food and drinks in either the north or south directions.

If we rent a waverunner, were can we go?
We allow you to take the waverunners approx. 8 miles up and down the coast into the Gulf of Mexico (weather permitting) as well as approx. 2 miles in the intercoastal waterways.

What do we need to bring with us the day of our boat rental?
The recommended items that you will need to bring with you the day of your rental are:
*Any food or drinks you want to take along for your cruise.
*Drivers license (no special boating license required for the boat rentals)
*Credit card (There is a $500 damage deposit due at the time of your rental)
*Cell phone just in case you get lost, have any questions, or want to stay out longer.
(Sorry no towables ie. skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, etc. allowed due to insurance reasons).

Do you allow pets on board the boats?
Yes, pets are allowed but you will be responsible for any damages they may have caused on the boat.

Do you recommend that we should make a reservation?
Reservations are HIGHLY recommended to ensure we have a vessel available for you the day of your rental as we do stay quite busy especially for holiday weekends. If you would like to place a reservation, please e-mail us and we will send over the information needed to do so and ensure we hold a boat or waverunner here for you they day of your rental.

How old do I have to be to rent a Wave Runner from Jack's Rentals?
You must be at least 14 years old to legally OPERATE a personal watercraft in the entire State of Florida. Anyone born AFTER January 1st, 1988 must pass a Florida State approved boaters course to be eligible to OPERATE the personal watercraft. The boaters test is a 25 question, multiple choice exam that can be taken on site the day of the rental. Please allow yourself 15-20 minutes to complete the exam. You can save time and take the test online by
clicking here. Anyone born BEFORE January 1st, 1988 can rent a personal watercraft without having to take the Florida Boaters test as long as you have a valid photo I.D. and major credit card with you at the time of your rental. Passengers are exempt from having to take the exam and no Boaters safety test would be needed.

Do you offer insurance on your jet skis or boats?
All personal watercraft and boats are covered by Liability insurance which is included in the price of each rental. Damage/Collision insurance is non-existent in the industry which places liability on the renter. Safe watercraft operation is always important! We go over a full vessel and safety orientation with everyone to ensure safe and proper use of all rental equipment in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

What payment methods can be used for my boat rental or waverunner rental?
Jack's Rentals accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, or Cash.

What is included with my rental?
Waverunner/Jet Ski - Full vessel and safety instruction, life jackets, and all necessary USCG approved safety equipment. Boats - Full vessel and safety instruction, detailed navigational chart/map, life jackets, and all necessary USCG approved safety equipment.

If the watercraft rental becomes damaged while in my possession, am I responsible?
Mechanical malfunctions are not the responsibility of the renter. External damage to equipment, or improper use of watercraft becomes the full responsibility of the renter, even if the renter is not the pilot of the watercraft at the time the damage occurs. Please ride responsibly!






Jack's Boat Marina is located at beautiful Madeira Beach, John's Pass Village. Enjoy a boat rental or jet ski rental for a few hours or all day. Contact Us and we'll be happy to discuss our boat rentals and jet ski rentals, and reserve the right one for you..
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